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Zeoli Show Log 06.02.16

3pm - Trump Taj Mahal Slashed Security. Then the Murders Started

3:10pm - Obama Tries to Trash Donald Trump and Turns into a Stuttering Mess

3:20pm - Trump on Obama: "He Shouldn't Be Campaigning, Should Do Job That He's Supposed To Be Doing"

3:30pm - Rich spoke with Julie Kelly, a food-policy writer and a contributing author to the Genetic Literacy Project and National Review about her article, The EPA vs. Science.

4pm - State Dept Spox Personally Thanks Fox News For Uncovering Briefing Video Deletion

4:10pm - State Department Admits They Deleted Damaging Admission From Briefing Video

4:20pm - 'Pimps and Hos' Math Test Earns Eighth Grade Teacher a Time Out

4:30pm - During Ask the Doctor, Rich and Dr. Mazz discussed a baby born with the Zika virus in New Jersey, Prince's Opioid Overdose and more.

5pm - Rich spoke with NJ State Senator Jen Beck regarding her petition to stop New Jersey's gas tax.

5:20pm - Kenney: Stay in Philly for the DNC

5:50pm - Burlesque Dancer Accuses JetBlue of 'Body-Shaming' After Airline Forces Her to Change Her Short Shorts Before Flying

5:54pm - Blind Man Sues McDonald's for Discrimination for Car-Only Drive-Thru Policy



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