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Zeoli Show Log 04.28.16

3pm - Boehner calls Cruz 'Lucifer in the flesh'

3:05pm - After Primary Losses, Bernie Sanders Cuts Field Staffers

3:10pm - Will Ferrell to Portray Ronald Reagan in Film About His Alzheimer's

3:20pm - Charles Krauthammer: Trump's Foreign Policy Speech Reminded Me Of Rand Paul

3:25pm -  Ted Cruz rips Donald Trump on Carrier jobs

3:30pm - Austin Petersen 2016 Libertarian Candidate for President discussed his platform, being a libertarian and more.

3:50pm -Donald Trump Tweets

4pm - Bobby Knight calls Trump 'most prepared man in history' to run for president

4:20pm - Cruz Reveals How Stubborn Boehner Was During Government Shutdown: 'I Have No Interest in Talking to You'

4:30pm - Susan Sarandon explains why she had to 'break up' with Hillary Clinton

4:50pm - Curt Schilling Slams ESPN for Liberal Bias, Employing 'Biggest Racists' in Sports News

4:55pm - Caitlyn Jenner stops by Trump Tower to use the restroom

5pm - College's 'Unofficial Survival Guide' Lists 'Hatred of White people' as 'Legitimate Response to Oppression'

5:10pm - Campus Talk By Breitbart's Milo Yiannopoulos Goes Insanely Off Rails

5:12pm - Drake University Rejects Conservative Group's Application for Official Student Organization Status

5:20pm - Just 37 percent of U.S. high school seniors are college ready, national report card shows

5:25pm - University of Washington removes cheerleader infographic after outcry

5:30pm - Commentary: Yes, Donald Trump can beat Hillary Clinton


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