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Zeoli Show Log 03.21.17

3pm- During his confirmation hearing in front of the Senate, Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch was asked his opinion on Roe v. Wade.

3:05pm- Sen. Diane Feinstein attacked Constitutional originality during Judge Gorsuch's confirmation hearing. 

3:30pm- Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams faces charges of bribery, corruption, wire fraud, and extortion.

4pm- Sen. Lindsey Graham asked Judge Gorsuch about how potential impeachment charges against President Trump would be impacted by his potential presence on the Supreme Court.

5:10pm- Sen. Ted Cruz discussed Constitutional originality with Judge Gorsuch during the judges' Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

5:20pm- Sen. Lindsey Graham said he was surprised that Donald Trump didn't pick a judge from TV to be his Supreme Court nominee.

5:25pm- After answering "no comment" to several questions regarding Trump team ties to Russia, Rep. Devin Nunes claimed FBI Director James Comey had put a grey cloud around the President's administration. 

5:30pm- Sen. Rand Paul believes the media is largely ignoring the fact that someone spied on Gen. Michael Flynn and then illegally released the transcripts of his conversations. 

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