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Zeoli Show Log 03.09.16

3pm - Donald Trump is now leading in Florida and Ohio

3:20pm - Fiorina Endorses: "It Is Now Time To Unite Behind Ted Cruz"

3:35pm -   Trump infomercial captivates networks

3:40pm - Mitt Romney Reads Mean Donald Trump Tweets

3:50pm - Columnist Stu Bykofsky  of The Philadelphia Daily News discussed his latest article, Philadopoly's Criminal Conspiracy.

4pm - Bernie's Michigan Win Is a Great Grassroots Upset, But Does It Just Delay the Inevitable?

4:10pm - Lynch suggests White House 'stay silent' on Hillary Clinton email probe

4:20pm - BloombergView Science columnist Faye Flam discussed her latest article, The Crime You Have Not Yet Committed.

4:50pm - Turns Out People Watching Netflix All Weekend is a 'Public Health Concern'

5pm -Trump's Michigan Win Proves This Election is About Jobs

5:20pm - With Trump Water, Wine and Steak, Is It Primary Night or an Infomercial?

5:40pm - Anti-Trump ad is highlight reel of cursing



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