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Zeoli Show Log 02.15.16

3pm - Justice Antonin Scalia's death sets up big political battle

3:15pm - Schumer: Mainstream GOP Will Not Follow McConnell 'Over the Cliff' of Obstructionism on Scalia Successor

3:30pm - Senior Fellow in Constitutional Studies and the Editor-in-Chief of the Cato Supreme Court Review Ilya Shapiro discussed his article, Justice Scalia and the Libertarian Legal Movement.

3:50pm - Storm Upgraded to Winter Storm Warning

4pm - Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz discussed Justice Scalia's legacy.

4:20pm - Trump trashes Cruz as a liar and a 'nut'

4:25pm - Bernie Sanders on Justice Scalia: 'He Was a Brilliant Man'

4:30pm - What that Cruz-Rubio 'He doesn't speak Spanish' thing was about

4:50pm - Trump crosses the 9/11 line

5:20pm - Conspiracy Theories Surround Justice Scalia's Death

5:25pm - 'Racist duck whistle'? Amanda Marcotte's take on 'lame duck' is hilariously pathetic

5:30pm - Marco Rubio Says He Doesn't Support Drafting Women Into Combat

5:50pm - Urgent calls begin for Scalia autopsy

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