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Zeoli Show Log 01.11.18

3pm- The House of Representatives has voted to renew the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

3:25pm- Comedian Chelsea Handler faces backlash following a homophobic Twitter attack on Sen. Lindsey Graham. 

3:40pm- While interviewing Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Fox News host Bret Baier asked whether or not the Senator would support a DACA bill that included money appropriated for increased border security.

4pm- Dr. Anthony Mazzarelli joins the show to discuss Donald Trump's yearly physical and Gov. Tom Wolf's decision to declare Pennsylvania's opioid crisis a state emergency. 

4:25pm- A new undercover video from Project Veritas shows Twitter engineers discussing their dislike for Donald Trump and the ways in which they prevent Trump supporters from posting on the social media website. 

5pm Joshua Prince, attorney at Prince Law Offices, joins the show to discuss his new article, "With a Stroke of a Pen, PA Governor Wolf Limits Firearm Rights by Proclaiming State of Emergency."


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