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Zeoli Show Log 01.04.17

3pm - Pence, Obama rally troops in Congress as Obamacare showdown

3:10pm - Schumer adopts Trump slogan: GOP wants to 'Make America sick again'

3:20pm - Biden is still Bidening at his final swearing-in

3:35pm - Hey Media: Let's Not Turn Russian Hackers into the Next WMDs, Okay?

3:40pm - Washington Post disproves claim Russia hacked US power grid in new article

3:50pm - Cotton responds to Trump: I have more faith in intel officers than Assange

4pm - Don't Like the Soda Tax? Drink Water!

4:20pm - Sessions 'not a racist,' says son of black couple once prosecuted for voter fraud

4:50pm - Philly Ranked 9th Worst City For Bed Bugs

5pm - Why Wendy's tweeted an anti-Semitic hate symbol dressed as its mascot

5:20pm -Parents speak out after twin's 'miraculous' dresser rescue

5:35pm - CNN Uses Scene From Fallout 4 To Discuss Russian Hacking

5:40pm - Megyn Kelly Tears Up While Talking About Her Departure From Fox News



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