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YouTube's Trends Map Shows Popular Videos By Geographic Location

By tech editor Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - YouTube is giving us a peek at who's watching what across the country. Their new Trends Map breaks down the most popular videos by city.

We know Psy has the most-viewed clip in history, but in Philly, we're not watching Gangnam Style.

It's Charles Ramsey, the man who helped free the Cleveland women held captive.

"You can see all the big cities and what people are watching there," says Kevin Allocca, YouTube's Trends Manager.

"Sometimes, you'll notice it's very different, and sometimes it can be the same, because it's so easy for things to spread between different areas now," Allocca explains.

Like the Charles Ramsey video, which was tops almost everywhere, except Fresno, CA, where they're clicking on Kiss Cam Breakup.

YouTube is planning a paid subscription service with several dozen channels, but the ones you create will remain free.

"It's all based on how you use your skills and creativity to make something that people want to watch and build that audience over time," says Allocca.

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