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Your Lawn Is Lucky To Have Clover

By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Maybe you didn't get out to mow the lawn for a few days because of the weather but, that's okay. Letting the lawn go for a week or so right now while the clover's bloom can be just fine – and good for bees.

After the big spring flush of flowers, bees can have trouble finding enough to forage upon, so letting the clover flower in your lawn helps the bees. That's a good thing because bees are under stress from disease, pesticides and weather, so anything we can do to keep our beloved bee pollinators healthy is good for them and you too.

And clover's good for your soil – having clover mixed into a lawn used to be very common, because clover fixes nitrogen in the soil and helps feed your lawn naturally so you don't need so many chemical fertilizers.

So, count yourself lucky if you have clover in your lawn, let it bloom and grow. And, if you need to wait to mow, enjoy the days off too.

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