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Young Philadelphians Are Recognized For Promoting Fire Safety

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- For the last 60 years the Philadelphia fire department's Junior Fire Patrol program has promoted fire safety, and education in elementary and middle schools around the city.

"Throughout the year, we have different type of events that focus on specific safety messages, and so what our coordinators in the schools/ teachers do is they'll go to the students promote the messages, said Philadelphia fire fighter Lisa Desamour.

At their awards banquet Tuesday, some of the students who participated in the program showed off some of the what they've learned through song, dance and fire safety performances.

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"In the junior fire patrol whenever there is fire drill or an actual fire, we are in charge of helping all the kids get out of the fire and helping them get out of the school, we also teach them about fire safety, said student Eric Liu.

"We learned how to put out electrical fires and fires in general," said another student.

Fire Commissioner Adam Thiel says this program is great for kids, but the whole family can benefit from the fire safety lessons that the students take home.

"They're teaching their brothers and sisters and they're also teaching the other kids in the school and that's the really great thing about this program, said Thiel.

He says fire is everyone's fight, and these kids are at the heart of it.

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