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Workshop Helps Teachers Identify Developmental Factors That Boost Handwriting Skills

By Hadas Kuznits

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., (CBS) -- The toys a child plays with can have an impact on their success at school. So what can help boost your child's success before they start school?

A handwriting workshop for teachers was held in King of Prussia.

Meghan Fisher, occupational therapist and a national presenter for "Handwriting Without Tears" says before children are ready to write, they first need to develop their fine motor skills.

"They have to be able to pick up objects, rotate objects in their hand, feed themselves," said Fisher.

And these skills require strength.

"The biggest factor is that kids aren't really exposed to honestly, more old fashioned toys," said Fisher.

She recommends limiting screen time and replacing technology with low-tech toys like blocks or balls.

"If you think about on an ipad, it's really maybe only one movement. We're really only using one finger. If we're using blocks, we're developing the correct grip or using three fingers that translates to a crayon or a pencil," said Fisher.

And Fisher says old-fashioned toys not only build the strength kids need for writing, it also encourages imagination and boosts their attention, which helps with learning.

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