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Women Plan March On D.C., Expected To Be One Of U.S.'s Biggest Protests

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Inauguration Day for President-Elect Trump is Friday. It marks a day that will stand in history as America gets its 45th President.

For a number of women across the nation, their day in history could be marked by his first day in office. For the Women's March on Washington, planned for Saturday morning, is said to be one of the biggest protests in American history.

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"At least 248 buses will be leaving out of the Keystone State alone, said Alexandra Hacket Terber, the Pennsylvania Woman's March co-organizer.

Terber and the other women gathered in the West Chester Democratic Committee headquarters, plan to take that trip to Washington, hoping they are seen and their voices are heard.

The women involved made it clear that their message is not about politics. It's personal.

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