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Woman's Car Stolen With Her Dog Inside In South Philadelphia

By Pat Ciarrocchi

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A Philadelphia special education teacher is searching for her beloved Louie.

When someone stole her car in South Philadelphia, Louie, a Labrador, was in the back.

Apparently unnoticed, and now missing.

Rain didn't deter this mission.

J.J. Pierce and her friends are getting Louie's picture into as many hands as they can.

J.J. is hoping this is the neighborhood where Louie might be.

In her South Philadelphia apartment, Louie's bed has been empty now for six nights.

"I am heartbroken. The first day he was taken, I thought, I'll get him back tomorrow," she said. "He is the greatest dog. He's a rescue. I've had him about a year and a half."

Last Thursday night, J.J. needed to make a quick stop at the Columbus Boulevard Home Depot.

She needed a second key for her apartment, ironically for a dog sitter.

"I locked the car because I had my keys with me to get copies made," she said. "Went into the store, no more than seven minutes tops, probably five, and came out and my car was gone."

The car vanished and Louie, the 50 pound Labrador, vanished with it.

"I'm not worried about the car. I'm not upset about the car. I just want Louie back," she said.

J.J.'s car has been recovered, but surveillance video wasn't clear enough to identify anything, except a car pulling up next to J.J.'s and then two cars pulling away.

J.J. is reaching out through Facebook offering a reward. Her new friends from the dog park are banding together to help too.

J.J., a special ed and math teacher, just moved here with Louie from D.C.

"Despite this happening I don't think Philly is a bad place. I still love it here. Especially because of the response of the people that have just completely surrounded me," she said.

Now J.J.'s hoping someone will bring Louie home.

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