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Woman Sells Couch Set But Forgets Hidden Marijuana Stash: Police

FORT PIERCE, Fla. (CBS)—A woman who sold a couch on Facebook was not happy after she apparently left some marijuana in the furniture.

According to TC Palm, the seller contact the buyer after the couch set was picked up from her home saying, she left an "item of value" in the couch and wanted it back.

The couch buyer—who claims there was a large odor of marijuana coming from the home when the couch was picked up—said she was going to contact police.

This gesture apparently sent the seller over the edge causing a flurry of vulgar text messages.

The seller "began texting her using vulgar language and advised her she was stealing from her," the TC Palm reports.

A Fort Pierce police officer contacted Port St. Lucie police to go to the couch seller's home.

"I wanted to see if (the couch seller) wanted to file a report on the item she had left inside the couch, but (the couch seller) refused to file a report," police said.

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