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Woman Battling Fourth Round Of Cancer Continues To Stay Positive Despite Health Pandemic

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Staying inside and sheltering from COVID-19 is tough for many of us. The health dangers are real.

For some, it's a matter of life and death because of already compromised immune systems. Susan Lax is fighting a fourth round of cancer but staying positive.

"I get emotional, I get bored with my own company," Susan said.

Like so many, Susan Lax is working from home, she's a loan processor for Trumark Financial.

"You know, I miss all my family, my friends, my co-workers, it's not easy to be sheltered and not have interactions with humans," Susan said.

These are the kinds of interactions at work she misses. Susan, who's been battling breast cancer, was getting ready for Komen's first More Than Pink Walk last year, with a group of colleagues called Team Susan.

"It's amazing, I'm overwhelmed with the support," she said.

Hundreds of Tru-pink warriors celebrated Susan's bravery and joined in the fight selling "Lick Cancer" lollipops as Susan was fighting a fourth round of cancer that spread to her liver and lungs.

"It's not easy but if I'm able to wake up every day and come to work, it's a good day," she said.

Outfitted in pink, Susan had a tradition of spending Mother's Day at the Art Museum, with thousands coming together to fight breast cancer.

"It's just an incredible feeling to be surrounded by the much emotion and people caring," Susan said.

But not this year. This Mother's Day, Susan will be home protecting herself from COVID-19 which is especially important since she's still taking chemotherapy medications.

"We didn't beat cancer and try to survive cancer to let this get us," Susan said. "So we have to stay safe. We have to stay away from each other as hard as it is. We're not gonna be able to interact as closely as we do with anybody but in this new reality, that's just what we have to do to survive to live. We can't be near each other, that's the big thing right now is to stay away."

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