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Wolf To Sign Bill That Will Expand Animal Protections

HARRISBURG, PA (CBS) -- A spokesman says Governor Wolf will sign a bill heading to his desk that will significantly strengthen protections for animals.

It's known as Libre's law, named for a Boston Terrier rescued after being left for dead at a Lancaster County dog breeding facility.

The pooch paid a visit to the Capitol Tuesday as the Senate sent the bill to the governor.

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The sponsor of the measure, Montgomery County House Republican Todd Stephens, says it will mean animal cruelty is no longer mostly a summary offense in Pennsylvania.

"The most egregious conduct would be graded as a felony, those causing bodily injury would be treated as a misdemeanor," he said.

The main backer in the Senate, Republican Richard Alloway, says the bill also has provisions related to dog tethering.

"You can't tie a dog out 24/7," he said. The bill also "sets lengths of the tether."

Alloway says tethered dogs will also have to be provided a place to shelter from harsh weather.

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