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Wolf, Corbett Try To Slice Up The State

By Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- After spending $73 million, Tom Corbett and Tom Wolf try to carve up a win in the race for Pennsylvania Governor. There are many ways to do it, and there will be areas of victory for both sides.

The "T" covering the middle, north, and south of the state is key. The Republicans can dominate if voters really come out in these areas. However, a massive showing in the East can neutralize that.

In 2002, Ed Rendell won PA while dominating the Philadelphia media market and winning only a few of the other 67 counties.

In 2010, Tom Corbett won with a balanced slate of the state.

This time it could be different. One thing is sure, Corbett will do well in his town of Allegheny County, and Tom Wolf will rake in the votes in York.

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