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Philadelphians holding out hope for a home WNBA team: "The true Philly sports fans go crazy"

"It's so important" : Philadelphians hopeful for a home WNBA team
"It's so important": Philadelphians hopeful for a home WNBA team 02:07

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Excitement is building over the start of the WNBA season, which kicked off Tuesday evening.

However, many Philadelphians are wishing they could root for a home team. Earlier this year, the WNBA commissioner said Philadelphia was being considered for a team, but the association ended up awarding teams to Golden State and Toronto, and not Philly quite yet.

Philly is full of passionate sports fans, and many said the city is long overdue for a professional women's basketball team, including Kevin Copp, who works in the video department at Temple University.

"I mean you look at the passion that this city has for all of its sports, but if you look at the NBA and the Sixers, the excitement around that team, especially when they're doing well … this is a moment now for the WNBA to be able to capitalize," Copp said.

Copp also emphasized the important role Caitlin Clark has played in increasing representation in the sport.

"You can't overstate the value of being able to see someone like themselves, and I think that's what Caitlin Clark provided to so many people, both the ones that turned out in person across the country when she was playing, the people that watched her on TV," he said.

Caitlin Vanderberry played basketball growing up, and she also recognizes the importance of visibility.

"I think any major city should have a WNBA team. It's so important," Vanderberry said. "Caitlin Clark is starting a whole movement."

Leah Manfra works in Center City, and she said if Philly got a WNBA team, she'd buy tickets.

"I love going to any games in the city, but having a women's team here, that would be really important, and a great thing to attend," Manfra said.

Her coworker, Anna Gibson, agrees.

"It would just be fun to get the Philly spirit," Gibson said. "The true Philly sports fans go crazy."

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