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Speed Camera Violations Could Soon Cost Drivers Money On I-95 Stretch In Wilmington, Delaware

WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS) -- Speeders on Interstate 95 could be paying the price soon if they don't slow down. Starting on Monday, Delaware's Electronic Speed Safety Program will go into effect, which means speed cameras will be looking to catch drivers going too fast in a work zone area of I-95 in Wilmington. 

DelDOT says the goal of the program is to reduce work zone speeds and crashes, change driver behavior and improve work zone safety for workers and drivers.

There will be a 30-day grace period for the program. Drivers will be mailed warning notices for the first violation of exceeding the posted work zone speed limit.

But after that, all other violations will have to pay up if they exceed the speed limit. Drivers will have to pay a base fine and $1 for every mile per hour over the posted speed limit.

Below, is an example of a potential violation provided by DelDOT:

For example, if the captured violation occurs at a speed of 58 mph, the speed violation is $20.00 plus an additional $13.00 which accounts for $1.00 for each mile per hour over the 45-mph posted work zone speed limit, and the assessment of other fees as set forth in Delaware Code for a total of $74.50. These violations are civil penalties only and no points will be assessed to driver's licenses.

The program will be in effect until the end of the project. 

More information about the Electronic Speed Safety Program can be found here.

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