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Prosecutors: Man Who Sold Meth Out Of Chester County Trailer Park Burned Stillborn Baby's Body, Buried Remains

HONEY BROOK TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) -- Chester County prosecutors say a man who sold methamphetamine out of a trailer park burned his girlfriend's stillborn baby's body before burying the remains. Authorities say 49-year-old William Jones was taken into custody on Sept. 26.

William Jones
(credit: Chester County DA's Office)


Police are also searching for 29-year-old Anita Depedro. Officials say Depedro, who gave birth to the stillborn baby, also sold meth with Jones in their trailer. Arrest papers show that Depedro abused drugs and alcohol during her pregnancy.

Anita Depedro
(credit: Chester County DA's Office)

The Chester County District Attorney's Office says Jones and Depedro conspired to sell meth to a confidential informant on multiple occasions from June through August, with the sales taking place at their trailer on Egan Circle in Honey Brook Township.

Pennsylvania State Police say they received a report of an anonymous call to Chester County Children and Youth Services on March 27 stating that Depedro gave birth to a stillborn child at their residence. Police say Jones, the child's biological father, burned the baby's body in a burn barrel on the property and buried the remains in an unmarked grave at an unknown location. According to police, Jones burned the baby's corpse to conceal the child was stillborn.

The baby's remains were never recovered.

"These defendants were pushing poison in the community. And when they were expecting a child they did nothing to care for the health of the child. When the child was stillborn, the father burned the baby and discarded the child like trash. This is a disturbing and horrific case," First Assistant District Attorney Michael Noone said.

One neighbor could barely wrap her head around what's alleged to have happened.

"I heard a baby was born and there was something wrong with it, wasn't sure if it was dead or stillborn or whatever, but they buried it somewhere in the ground," Nancy Horton said. "I didn't hear it was burned. Oh my God, how do you do something to an innocent little baby?"

Horton says she feared for the safety of other children living in the home with Jones.

"I come home from the club about 6 o'clock and I saw a police officer parked in his spot, down at Bill's, and I was like, 'He must have gotten into trouble again,' you know, no big deal," Horton said.

Jones is being held at Chester County Prison. He has been charged with abuse of corpse, concealing the death of a child, possession with intent to deliver and other related charges.

There is an active warrant for Depedro. She has been charged with possession with intent to deliver, conspiracy and other related charges.

Anyone with information regarding these incidents should contact Chester County Detectives at 610-344-6866 or Pennsylvania State Police at 610-486-6280.

CBS3's Joe Holden contributed to this report.

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