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'I Didn't Really Feel It': Teen Describes Viral Encounter With Seagull On Wildwood Slingshot

WILDWOOD, N.J. (CBS) -- Kylie Holman says her friend had to convince her to go to Adventure Pier in the first place. The two went to the Wildwood park on July 6 for Kylie's friend Georgia Reed's birthday.

Neither of them knew their celebratory ride would become a viral sensation.

"When they tilted us back before we got flung up in the air, I didn't see it," Kylie said, "but as soon as we started going up, I saw it."

That "it" was a seagull, and the 13-year-old took the bird right to the face.

"I didn't really feel it," Kylie said. "It was really light, and I didn't really feel it at all until it smacked right against my neck."

The "fowl" moment left the two without injury and with a viral video. The clip has been seen around the country, with millions seeing Kylie calmly remove the seagull as they continued on the rollercoaster.

The best friends now have a funny famous memory to hold onto, and Kylie says the incident didn't change her opinion on seagulls.

"Just don't be afraid of them," she said as a word of advice, adding, "I'm just happy it didn't poop on me."

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