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Atlantic City activates flood response plan combatting remnants of Hurricane Ian

Atlantic City activates flood response plan for Ian's remnants
Atlantic City activates flood response plan for Ian's remnants 02:36

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (CBS) – Tuesday, more rough weather conditions are expected down the shore as the remnants of Hurricane Ian continue to roll through our region. In Atlantic City, officials have activated its flood response plan and are urging residents to take proper precautions.

The city saw some soggy scenes Monday, from Atlantic City to Ocean City to Wildwood.

Police blocked off some of the worst roads but not before some cars were left abandoned in the middle of the road here in Atlantic City.

Tuesday is expected to be the third day of significant rainfall down the shore.

Experts warn that heavy flooding is expected on Route 30 and Route 40 along Melrose Avenue from Delaware to Massachusetts Avenues and West End in Chelsea Heights.

Also, beach erosion is a concern at some spots along the shore, including North Wildwood.

"We encourage residents to stay safe. Health and safety is paramount. It's very important that we take this storm seriously," Marty Small, mayor of Atlantic City, said.

Part of the city's flood response plan is encouraging anyone parked in a low-lying area to move their car to the Wave Parking Garage at Mississippi and Fairmount Avenues. You can park there for free through Thursday at noon.

The flooding along the shore has subsided quite significantly. A lot of that has to do with the tides.

High tide is not expected again until Tuesday afternoon, but if the rain persists, that could be a problem come Tuesday afternoon.

For more updates check the weather blog here.

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