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Wildwood Acts As Home To New Major Motion Picture

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Some Hollywood stars are calling one Jersey shore town home, at least for a little while.

Wildwood is known for its popular boardwalk, and now it'll be known as the backdrop for a major motion picture.

"Ex-Philly cop gets his life back together. His ex-wife and his daughter move to the shore. They own a surf-shop and he wants to get back with his loved ones," said Alex Starke, location manager for 'Wetlands'.

The movie, called Wetlands, will star Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Heather Graham and Christopher McDonald. Location manager Alex Starke says Wildwood is not just the perfect place for filming.

"It offered so many different varieties of interiors and exteriors we needed," Starke said.

It's also a great temporary home for the crew and stars.

"Instead of getting honked at in the city, we get to have an easy ride to work, and it really helps the movie that we have this mindset, to be able to relax at the beach," said Starke. "It's quiet here on the boardwalk, which is good news for the crew of Wetlands. In fact, they've converted that store right there, that empty store into a surf shop."

And the filming is also good for local businesses that are open during the early season.

"We've had a few of them today and I'm sure we'll have a few more of them when they leave or take some breaks, so it's really cool," said business owner Kim Norman.

"The fact the entire crew is here, all the camera, all the crew, the actors is an economic boom for us," said Ben Rose, Director of Marketing and PR for Wildwoods.

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