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Why You Should Decide On A Deciduous Tree

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - While lots of gardens have evergreens and other pretty plants for year-round interest, what I like best about a winter landscape are bare branches. Deciduous trees drop their leaves for smart reasons – they can't take up enough water from frozen soil to support the leaves, and without them, snow and ice don't build up on branches so easily and break them.

But, beyond that, I think bare branches are just beautiful. The outline of the blank trees even on a grey winter's day is lovely – and the contrast of black branches outlined by snow is stunning. Catch a winter sunset, and the best picture is often framed by bare branches. Evergreens can block your view, but crisscrossing branches reaching for the sky against a backdrop of deep pink are delightfully dramatic.

Look and see where you might plant a deciduous tree this year – to enjoy not only its flowers and leaves from spring to fall, but just as much its branches when they're bare in winter.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio

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