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Why More 20-Somethings Are Having Plastic Surgery

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --  A growing number of people in their 20's are having plastic surgery.

It's usually people in their 50's and 60's - mainly women, who have face work done to look younger.

But now doctors are seeing another trend with younger people.

Bombarded by the smoothest, plumpest and most symmetrical faces around, twenty-somethings are increasingly analyzing theirs.

"Up here on my forehead. As you can see... Look at how many i have," 28-year-old Joe Mancuso said.

Millennials are now the fasting growing age group having plastic surgery.

Just 5% in 2013, they now make up 10% of patients.

"There's less shame to it than there was a couple of years ago," said Eva Kazan, 28.

"When you start seeing numbers doubling, that's dramatic. That's something going on. That's not just an aberration, that's a trend," explained board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe.

As far as what's driving young adults to change their appearance, Dr. Rowe points out they all tend to say the same thing. "While I do love my mother and grandmother, what can I do to maybe not age the same way they did," he says, repeating his patients.

Dr. Rowe's number one request is for botox, followed by acid peels to remove sun damage and freckles.

Third, fillers to plump lips and soften acne scars.

Rounding out the top five, lasers for non-surgical fat reduction and hair removal.

"If somebody asks you, 'Wow you have really great skin,' you say this is how I got there and then give them advice on how they can get there too," Joe said.

While millennials are spending more on cosmetic procedures, doctors say they could hold on to their youthful looks longer, by avoiding the sun and using sunscreen.

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