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White House Adviser Says Trump Looking For Ways To Collaborate With Russia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - White House adviser Sebastian Gorka reacted to Donald Trump's meeting with Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit, telling Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that the administration is determined to improve our relationship with the Russians.

"Most important of all, as [Secretary of State] Rex Tillerson said last week, these are the two most powerful nations nuclear nations in the world, as such, they should have better relations than they do. I think we have some potential for an improvement. I think the agreement that was brought with regards to Syria is a good step forward. Only time will tell, but we're trying to put things back on track given the geostrategic importance of our two nations and we shall see."

He said they will continue to look for avenues of cooperation moving forward.

"The fact is, the President always said, from the beginning, with his last press conference in Trump Tower, we would like to have better relations with Moscow if possible because of the importance of our two nations. Right now, we're giving it a chance. We shall see. We'll see how long the cease fire lasts, we'll see whether we get any collaboration on other issues, such as counter terrorism but, at the moment, there is a potential for a slightly better relationship."

Gorka also discounted the media reaction to Trump's one on one meeting with the Russian President.

"It's absolutely schizophrenic. They spent how many millions of hours, column inches in newspapers with this collusion hoax, at the same time, accusing us of being reckless and potentially creating a war-like conflict between us and Moscow with regard to Syria. It's just desperation, the epitome of fake news."

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