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What's Cooking on 1060: Wine, Beer, and (of course) Food Festivals


By Hadas Kuznits


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Food Trust kicks off its first Night Market of the 2013 season on Thursday, May 16th, in the city's Fairmount section.

Rebecca Johnson, executive director of the Fairmount Community Development Corporation (top photo), says it's the first time this massive, food-centric event has been held in that neighborhood.

"The Night Market series that the Food Trust puts on is such a great event all over the city of Philadelphia, and we are honored and incredibly excited to have it on Fairmount Avenue," she tells What's Cooking.

It takes place from 6 to 10pm on Fairmount Avenue, between 19th and 22nd Streets, and Johnson says it is expected to attract about 25,000 people!

Hear the full "Night Market" interview (runs 5:58)…

Night Market


Meanwhile, Eric Maney, senior general manager of Iron Hill Brewery, with ten locations around the Delaware Valley, says their annual Brandywine Valley Craft Brewers Festival will be held Saturday, May 18th, at their Media, Pa. location.

maney_eric _prov
(Eric Manley, of Iron Hills Brewery. Photo provided)


(Kuznits:)  "How fanatical do people get about their craft beers?"

(Maney:)  "Pretty fanatical.  We have one guy every single year dressed up as a monk coming around.  They are really into their craft beer -- you have your 'hop heads' that are just looking for hoppy beers, (or) your people that are just targeting Beligan-style beers."

Hear the full Iron Hills Brewery interview (runs 6:39)…

Brandywine Valley Craft Brewers Festival


And if you prefer wine to beer, Penns Woods Winery, in Chadds Ford, Pa., hosts the third annual Wine and Jazz Festival at its vineyard on May 18th.    Co-owner and marketing director Carley Razzi Mack about the big event featuring wine, food, and music.

mack_carley razzi tanks _prov
(Carley Razzi Mack of Penns Woods Winery. Photo provided)


"We do release some new wines for the festival," Mack tells What's Cooking.  "We have a 30-acre property, sprawling vineyards.  It's a beautiful view, just a really fun time, and the best time of the day is sunset over the vineyard," she advises.

Hear the full Wine and Jazz Festival interview (runs 11:14)…

Wine and Jazz Fest


And for this week, that's "What's Cooking on 1060!"


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