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What's Cooking on 1060: Reading Terminal's 'Party for the Market'

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Reading Terminal Market is preparing for a massive fundraiser later this month. The January 25th party is a food-lover's paradise.

Reading Terminal Market's 7th annual "Party for the Market" is a fundraiser that helps pay for building maintenance and special programming.

"We are a 124-year-old market and the building is 125, 126 years old. It needs some upkeep. It's a challenge to bring it up to the standards of modern times."

That's marketing and events manager Sarah Levitsky. She says their vendors participate because they see it as a great cause -- but also a way to showcase their food.

"So it is completely voluntary but the merchants are so generous with it."

Kuznits: "Describe the transformation of the market from day to night."

"We bring in additional lighting, there's fabric draped all over, there's decor that hangs from the ceiling! Some of it is installed the night before, but most of it happens in about the hour between when we close and when the market reopens for the party."

And new this year...

"We're going to have a special ice cream cake that is about 5 feet wide designed to look like our n eon sign and it's going to be made by Bassett's ice cream, Flying Monkey bakery and Meuler's Chocolate Company."

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