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What's Cooking on 1060: Pizza Evolution

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- It's an evolution of pizza in Philadelphia with the opening of two new pizza restaurants.

Marlo Dilks, owner of Slice Fishtown, is doing something unique for Philadelphia -- she's offering only pizza and salad at her pizza shop. No cheesesteaks, no pasta, no hoagies.

"We just want to stick to the pizzas, but we try to make it so that there's such a wide variety of pizza that you can make it a meal; it has a vegetable, a meat, you can incorporate anything you want on it."

Meanwhile, Teddy Sourias opens Cinder next month at 1500 Locust Street. His pizza-centric restaurant focus on the beer pairings, in particular, cider.

"Pizza and beer, it's like great! You know, everybody wants pizza and beer!"


Teddy Sourias, owner of Cinder
Teddy Sourias, owner of Cinder (credit: Cinder)


Dilks says over the years, the quality of pizza here has drastically improved.

"I think it's definitely stepped up its game from when I entered the business in 2007. Much better places, like Cinder, have come in to play. That's a different market than us, but back then, it was mainly a fast food industry."

So what makes for exceptional pizza?

"You gotta make everything in-house. Everything's fresh, it's got to be made there. It's your product, it has to be consistent."

For example.

"We'll be making our housemade sausage at Bru for Cinder and a lot of that stuff is made with beer as well!"

The two say another trend is creating pies from well-known dishes.

"And one that's my favorite is a Mediterranean pizza. It has hummus, eggplant, feta cheese and roasted peppers on it."


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