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What's Cooking on 1060: Passover Rules, Treats... and Twists!


By Hadas Kuznits


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Jewish holiday of Passover begins Monday night.  And, as chef Mike Solomonov of Zahav Restaurant (near 2nd and Walnut Streets in Society Hill) explains, it's a holiday with some dietary restrictions.

"The rules of Passover... well, you can't have anything that's risen, right?  So you can use a flour that has been blessed and is kosher for Passover, and that's about it.  If you're Ashkenazi, you can't even have legumes.  If you're Sephardic, you can have things like chick peas and stuff like that."

Hear the full "Zahav" interview (runs 10:38)…

Passover Foods


And Nic Endtrikat, sous chef at Classic Cake in Cherry Hill and Washington Township, NJ, says this is the week they create a lot of Passover sweets.

"For Passover, we follow those rules by creating a lot of flourless cakes and cookies and breads that include no leavening whatsoever."

endtrikat_nic passover _prov
(Nic Endtrikat of Classic Cake with a plateful of kosher-for-Passover macaroons. Photo provided)


Hear the full "Classic Cake" interview (runs 8:27)…

Passover Sweets


And Tim Spinner, chef at La Calaca Feliz ("The Happy Skeleton") in Fairmount and Cantina Feliz in Fort Washington, considers the dietary restrictions of Passover a professional challenge as he presents Mexican-inspired Passover dishes.

spinner__tim feliz _prov
(Tim Spinner of La Calaca Feliz. Photo provided)

"We have a king salmon tostada," Spinner tells KYW Newsradio. "We also do the tortilla matzoh ball soup.  We do briscuit tacos served on lettuce wraps."


Hear the full "Feliz" interview (runs 5:07)…

Passover Crossover


And for this week, that's "What's Cooking on 1060!"


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