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What's Cooking on 1060: New Falafel Restaurant

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A Philadelphia James Beard Award-winning Israeli food chef has opened a falafel restaurant. In this week's segment of What's Cooking on 1060, KYW's Hadas Kuznits finds out what took him so long to focus on falafel -- and gets a bonus Passover recipe ahead of the Jewish holiday.

When Michael Solomonov first opened his highly acclaimed Israeli restaurant Zahav, many people were surprised that falafel was nowhere on his menu.

"Because Israeli food is so many different things and falafel deserves its own sort of pedestal."

Nine years later, he quietly opened 'Goldie' this week at 1526 Sansom Street.

"We've been modeling this after a place called Dvorah Falafel in Karkur, which is the town right next to where I went to boarding school in Israel."

Goldie serves up falafel sandwiches.

"We have this little machine that shoots out falafel balls. It's very simple, we have pita that we make fresh from Dizengoff which is a block away and we serve it with techina, chopped salad and cabbage."

Also on the menu -- fries and milkshakes.

"This is 100% all vegan restaurant -- and the milkshakes are all techina (sesame seed) based. So it's techina and almonds and sugar, basically."

And since Goldie opened just ahead of Passover, I asked Solomonov to indulge me with a favorite holiday recipe:

"You make sort of like a little tart and instead of tart crust, you take matzoh and you soak it like you were to make matzoh brie and you stuff it with whatever you want -- I like stuffing it with ground meat; and then you put another layer of soaked matzoh on top and you bake it. sometimes we'll soak it with Turkish coffee or even coca-cola, it's so good!"


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