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What's Cooking on 1060: Let Them Eat Cake

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The craziest cakes you've ever seen will be showcased at a competition this Sunday in Center City.

The 15th annual Let Them Eat Cake event takes place Sunday at the Loews Hotel.

"It is the area's largest wedding cake competition."

Harry Giordando, director of development with Variety the children's charity, says this year, the theme is "Let Them Eat Cake In The Jungle."

"So the pastry chefs are playing around with wild spices and flavors and crazy concoctions and lots of monkeys and vines and animals and crazy things."

Angus Murray is CEO of Variety.

"The gravity-defying cakes that you see at this thing, right? It's not your typical birthday cake! There was a 'hippo' I think last year that won that I still can't figure out how it was structurally being held up."

"Specialty cakes are a huge, huge business; so it's become a destination foodie event."

Murray says proceeds from this event will be used to fund many of Variety's programs, including summer camps and food programs:

"We are just really teaching kids with disabilities a variety of vocational skills in the hopes that they can be out there in the community employed side-by-side with everybody else."

And some of the kids involved with the culinary education at Variety will be appearing at Sunday's event:

"We have a coffee cart that is debuting this year at 'cake' and then will be a daily occurence at the Montgomery County Human Services Center."

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