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What's Cooking on 1060: La Peg Restaurant Creates Outdoor Ice Bar

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- La Peg restaurant created an outdoor ice bar this week -- but this is most likely the only weekend folks will be able to enjoy it before it melts.

The outdoor ice bar was handcarved by La Peg chef/owner Peter Woolsey.

"The actual bar is carved out of ice. So we're serving hot chocolates -- boozy ones -- and hot wine, which is also boozy. We're going to also have an ice luge to do shots."

This is the second year he's opened Pegsicle and adds it makes winter exciting.

"I mean, it's not like drinking is boring, but like why not add a little more fun to it!"

The ice bar is accompanied by outdoor fire pits -- but don't worry, he says based on the size of the bar he promises it'll stay frozen and remain open at least through Sunday.

"It's a large bar. I mean, a good 12 to 16 people can stand up against that bar and the letter that say 'Pegsicle' across it are about 2 feet tall."

Chef Woolsey tells me he loves the new chainsaw he bought this year specifically for Pegsicle.

"And very, very pleasing to plunge it into ice. It's really like cutting butter with a hot knife."

And if the weekend stays cold...

"Weather depending, as long as the ice doesn't melt, we're going to stay open as long as the ice maintains it!"

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