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What's Cooking on 1060: Kosher Wines

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Starting this weekend, a lot of people will be drinking only "kosher for Passover" wines during the Passover holiday...but these wines have come a long way.

The Passover Seder is the Jewish tradition of retelling the story of freedom. Jay Bucksbaum with Royal Wine Corps says this happens during a long traditional dinner:

"And there is a rule that you must drink four cups of wine."

He says when Jews first settled on the East Coast in droves in the early 1900's and again after World War II, they used local kosher wine.

"They were very thick skins, needed a lot of sugar in order for them to make them palatable, but as people have moved across the country to California and Chicago and Florida and all parts of the world, they got back to the more table friendly, food friendly wines."

Kuznits: "A lot of people remember the Passover Seder with the Manichevitz concord grape wine."

"Gone baby, gone! It's now Chardonnay, Cabernet and for those of you that like it a little sweeter, Moscato d'Asti!"

Bucksbaum says as kosher for Passover wines become more sophisticated, they have also become more popular.

"It used to be that Passover wines represented 60% of all kosher wine sales; but now, because the wines have become so good, people are drinking them the rest of the year and so now it's only 35-40% of the sales of the kosher wines are during Passover."

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