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What's Cooking on 1060: Italian Food, Fresh-Pressed Juices, and Custom Cakes

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (CBS) --  Chef Tom DeFruscio has turned his Italian Market in Havertown into a restaurant, now called "Pepperoncini," joining his other two restaurants of the same name in Phoenixville and Conshohocken.

"We knocked down some walls and put in 40 seats," he explains.  "Everybody that was coming in had been to one of our restaurants before and was asking us when we were going to put chairs in.  So we did what the customers wanted, and we transformed it into a restaurant!"


Hear the full "Pepperoncini" interview (runs 4:41)…

What's Cooking on 1060

Meanwhile, a commercial commissary kitchen, Queen Bee Pastry, is opening in Manayunk.

Nic Endrikat of Classic Cake (see previous "What's Cooking") has branched off on her own, completing her evolution from pastry chef to business owner.


endrikat_nic _hadas
(Nic Endrikat, owner of Queen Bee Pastry, at a launch event for her new enterprise last month. Photo by Hadas Kuznits)


"We'd love to have a retail space in Philadelphia someday," she tells What's Cooking.  "For now we are a wholesale commissary kitchen, and we also do custom orders.  So we can create anything custom for your party, for your wedding..."

(Kuznits:)  "For your budget?"

(Endrikat:)  "Absolutely!"

Hear the full "Queen Bee Pastry" interview (runs 8:55)…

What's Cooking on 1060


And Robeks fruit juices and smoothies are coming to Philadelphia -- first with a juice truck and then with two stores.

Franchise owner Kimberly Berger says she plans to bring 37 Robeks stores to the Philadelphia area, including the suburbs, over the next decade.

"We're going to be the first fresh smoothie and fresh-pressed juice truck on the streets of Philadelphia," she says.  "We're going to be doing a lot of events as well as doing some corporate-type business park lunches, wellness fairs, and working with schools.  And then we're going to be opening two stores in Philadelphia in the next few months."

Hear the full "Robeks" interview (runs 9:13)…

What's Cooking on 1060

And for this week, that's "What's Cooking on 1060!"


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