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What's Cooking on 1060: Fresh Lamb, Oysters 101, and Southern 'Country' Food

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --  Craig Rogers, the shepherd (and owner) at Border Springs Farm in Patrick Springs, Va., is preparing to open a lamb stand next month in the Reading Terminal Market.

"Pretty much everything has to be done," he said recently.  "We have a gentleman's agreement for us to move into this space.  We will be open, selling fresh lamb and pot pies and lamb stews and all sorts of lamby goodness!"

Hear the full "Border Springs Farm" interview (runs 8:10)…

Border Springs Farm Lamb Stand


Meanwhile, Conshohocken's newest restaurant has opened.  Co-owner Kim Strengari (below right) describes Southern Cross Kitchen:

strengari_kim southern cr _prov
(Kim Strengari of Southern Cross Kitchen. Photo provided)

"The food consists of a lot of what's called 'low country food.'  It's shrimp and grits, short ribs with cheddar grits, fried chicken, collard greens, mashed potatoes -- all the things you would think of when you think of the south."

Hear the full "Southern Cross Kitchen" interview (runs 7:27)…

Southern Cross Kitchen


And at Oyster House, 1516 Sansom Street in center city Philadelphia, owner Sam Mink will be offering three Saturdays of "oyster classes," beginning January 19th.

"We learn the differences between east coast and west coast oysters, the science behind oysters, we're going to taste oysters, and we're also gonna pair the oysters with beer, wine, and some sparkling wine as well," he explains.

mink_sam oyster house _prov
(Sam Mink, owner of Oyster House, in Philadelphia. Photo provided)


Hear the full "Oyster House" interview (runs 6:15)…

Oyster House


And for this week, that's "What's Cooking on 1060!"


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