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What's Cooking on 1060: Easter Eatin'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Now that it's spring, many people are preparing for Easter. In this week's segment of What's Cooking on 1060, KYW's Hadas Kuznits takes a look ahead at what to eat during this quintessential holiday.

Bill Arrowood, assistant director of the South Street Headhouse District, says with about a thousand people expected to attend their annual Easter promenade, area restaurants are preparing to staff up for brunch.

"If St. Patrick's Day is the number one drinking day of the year, Easter is the number one brunch day of the year."

He says Easter brunch menus are often laden with specials just for that day.

"A lot of these brunches for Easter are the chef's chance to really show off and do something really fun and delicious."

For example:

"Red velvet donuts and like lemon ricotta pancakes and salted toffee sticky buns. You're gonna take something that you'd may try regular and you're gonna turn it up to '11' coming up for Easter brunch."

So what are some must-have Easter foods?

"You definitely want some decorated eggs, you definitely want to get a big slice of ham and, if you're a vegetarian, you can certainly get your asparagus and fresh greens."

But there's one item you won't want to skip.

"When I was growing up, it was whatever you gave up for Lent; so I remember one year I gave up meat for Lent and my mom showed up with my Easter basket that was full of cheeseburgers!"

And, of course, it's not Easter without lots of candy. Arrowood says after the South Street Easter promenade there will be a fashion show, and then candy for everyone.

"After the contest we do an Easter egg hunt throughout the Shambles, so for all of our little ones they can come and get their candy on and go searching for Easter eggs throughout the Shambles!"


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