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What's Cooking on 1060: Easter Delights, and The Best Bread Ever


By Hadas Kuznits


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- As Easter approaches, many bakers and candy-makers are ramping up their activities.

Bistro St. Tropez, at 2400 Market Street in center city Philadelphia, serves up special Corsican Easter meals this week.  Owner Patrice Rames (top photo) talks about the traditions, the foods, and his childhood Easter memories:

"As a boy I used to go from France with my parents to Corsica," he recalls, "and the food -- the celebration of Easter -- was just phonomenal.  The flavor of the food is absolutely incredible.  Even to this day I still remember the smell!"

Hear the full "Bistro St. Tropez" interview (runs 9:36)…

Corsican Easter


Meanwhile, sous chef Nic Endrikat of Classic Cake, with stores in Cherry Hill and Washington Township, NJ, says they are whipping up Easter goodies that are specially designed for the season.

endrikat_nic classic easter _prov
(Nic Endrikat of Classic Cake, with Easter treats. Photo provided)


"Color is a big thing, and sweetness is a big thing," Endrikat tells KYW Newsradio.  "People like very sweet, sugary things during Easter, and also brightly colored things.  Easter baskets are always fun and brightly colored.  You have the dyeing of Easter eggs, so we try to mimick those traditions."


Hear the full "Classic Cake" interview (runs 7:39)…

Easter Treats


Also coming up, April 1st is National Sourdough Bread Day. James Barrett, head baker and co-owner of the newly expanded Metropolitan Bakery, just off Rittenhouse Square, was even able to demonstrate the appeal of a good sourdough for our radio audience.

(Barrett:)  "I brought a couple of loaves with me, so if you want to hear what a great loaf of bread sounds like..."

(Kuznits:)  "It's all about the crust, right?"

(Barrett:)  "It's all about the crust! (crackling of bread) I don't know if you can hear that: the crumb is so moist and tender from the sourdough process that it kind of pulls."

Barrett_James Metro Cafe _prov
(James Barrett of Metropolitan Bakery. Photo provided)


Hear the full "Metropolitan Bakery" interview (runs 8:45)…

National Sourdough Day


And for this week, that's "What's Cooking on 1060!"


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