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What's Cooking on 1060: Food Happy Hour With Italian Flair

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Happy hour isn't just for drinks at the bar!

Capofitto in Old City has launched their pizza happy hour.

"It's called a 'Pizzata' and it's Italian slang for just 'pizza party'," explains owner Stephanie Reitano.

She says for two hours every day, pizzas that are normally $14 are selling for $10:

"It's a way of rewarding our regulars and attracting new people that don't know we're here at all."

And that two hour pizza happy hour window is at prime time: 8pm-10pm.

"Because for me," says Reitano, "I sometimes have a really hard time finding something craveable that's not heavy, that's inexpensive, that's outside of fast food."

Reitano tells KYW Newsradio the goal is to make her pizza accessable to all:

"Listen, I don't think anybody should be monogamous with pizza. Pizza is something that you should eat every type of pizza, so it gives people an opportunity that maybe they have maybe their regular pizza spot, to maybe try something different and you know, they'll come back so it's great way to say thank you to the regulars and to the neighborhood and to maybe get new people in."

But while Reitano hopes the so-called 'Pizzata' promotion is permanent, she says she's not sure yet if that will be the case.

Hear the full podcast (runs 6:44)…

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