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What Wines Go Best With Super Bowl Party Food?

By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- If your joining the trend and serving wine at your Super Bowl watch party this year, knowing which kind of wine to pair with your party food could be a challenge.

What kind of wine would go well with buffalo wings?

Jennifer Eckinger, executive director of the Pennsylvania Winery Association, says pick something to counterbalance the spice.

"Seven Mountains Riesling which is a sweeter Riesling from Seven Mountains vineyards. Also, we had selected a Vidal blanc from Nissley vineyards, that's an unoaked white that tends to have a nice crisp finish to it. And we also put Germanic style fruit forward dry red from Galen Glen, Zweigelt."

For chili, kind of the same recommendations: sweet, fruity, and stay away from oak.

A medium bodied dry red, a Cab or a Merlot pair well with pizza.

Germanic style wines go great with chips and dips.

And don't forget the sparkling wine, to celebrate, if your team wins.

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