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1-Year-Old Hospitalized After Being Shot In West Philadelphia Double Shooting, Police Say

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A 1-year-old baby is in the hospital after being shot in West Philadelphia, police said Saturday. It happened just after 8 p.m. at a corner store located at 50th Street and Haverford Avenue.

Police said a white Jeep pulled up to the intersection and one of the vehicle's occupants began shooting, striking two individuals, including a bystander -- a 1-year-old baby, who was in their mother's arm.

The baby was shot once in the left leg and placed in stable condition at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

"This goes to show that there are a lot of guns on the street, and you have folks who are not afraid to use these guns and they don't care who's around when they use these guns," Philadelphia Police Deputy Commissioner Joel Dales said. "It's a big problem. This is not OK. This is not OK at all."

According to police, a 26-year-old man and another man were inside the store. The two men returned fire at the vehicle.

At this time, police believe the 26-year-old man was the intended target. Police said he was shot in his arm and is in stable condition. He is in custody, according to police.

Dales said police have video from inside the store showing the two men firing back at the vehicle. Investigators did not recover a gun.

Dales said it's unknown how many people were inside the white Jeep that had one person "indiscriminately" fire inside the store. The motive is also unknown at this time, Dales said.

The investigation remains ongoing.

Police are asking anyone with information regarding this incident to contact their tip line at 215-686-TIPS.

"We need everyone to step up to the plate and carry out their part," Dales said. "If anyone has any information in reference to this shooting, please come forward and give us that information."

For a list of gun violence resources in Philadelphia, click here.

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