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New Program In West Philadelphia Called 'Project Safe Corridors' Hopes To Deter Crime, Help Police Catch Suspects

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- With more shootings happening in the city, a group in West Philly is helping homeowners catch the suspects in the act by providing free surveillance cameras. The program called "Project Safe Corridors" is now in effect. 

"It's going to be a pretty significant program,"  Jabari Jones, a West Philly Corridor Collaborative, said. "And this is the only program in the city of Philadelphia that's providing a camera subsidy for residents."

Over 300 businesses, homeowners, and renters in high crime areas will be equipped with surveillance cameras. The cameras are free, including installation, thanks to a $182,000 grant backed by State Rep Amen Brown. Project Safe Corridors is not only meant to be a crime deterrent but also help law enforcement partners. 

New Program In West Philadelphia Called 'Project Safe Corridors' Hopes To Deter Crime, Help Police Catch Suspects

"We're hoping that the high-grade quality of these cameras will help identify perpetrators of violent crimes and carjackings," Jones said. "Should those things occur, police can reach out to residents and businesses and request their footage."

The coverage area spans from Wynnefield Heights to Eastwick in West Philadephia. Data will be driven by high crime areas.  Addresses linked to 60 of those neighborhoods will be chosen each month. 

"To get cameras put up in a proper way takes money," Janine Spruill, of Lil' Filmmakers, said.

Lil' Filmmakers is a nonprofit where children and young adults are taught writing, directing, acting, and editing. Spruill was one of the first applicants. 

"We really need more cameras in this neighborhood," Spruill said. "Because we have young people coming from all over Philadelphia to our location and we want to make sure that it's safe for them to be here and safe for them to leave no matter what time of day it is."

Applications are currently open. The first set of cameras will be awarded in the next 30 days and every month after that. 

For information on where to apply, click here. 

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