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Philly Beverage Tax Surcharge Passed To Wendy's Customers Outside City

RIDLEY PARK, Pa. (CBS)--A Delaware County Wendy's charged customers an extra $0.45 Monday in what the franchise described as a mistake-- one that frustrated Ridley Park residents.

Robert Marchetti always orders the same thing at the Wendy's, he knew right away the price was a little higher than normal Monday.  When he checked his receipt, his eyes were drawn to a line near the bottom of the paper.

"They charged me 45 cents for a 'Philadelphia Beverage Surcharge,'" Marchetti said.  "It's not about the 45 cents.  It's about the principle of the fact that they implemented a new charge and didn't let customers know."

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Others who paid the surcharge were frustrated the cost of a tax that only affects distributors selling sugary drinks in Philly-- was being passed on to customers outside the city.

"Delaware County should be its own, not part of Philadelphia," said Kiersten Coons, who paid the surcharge Monday.

A general manager for the franchisee who owns the Wendy's said the surcharge was mistakenly added to tabs at the Ridley Park location.  He said the charge was meant for stores only in Philadelphia, which are dealing with higher distributor costs because of the beverage tax.

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The problem was corrected Tuesday morning.

The Ridley Park Wendy's is offering a 45 cent refund or a free beverage to anyone who brings in a receipt showing they paid the surcharge.


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