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Wednesday's Child: Ryan

By Larry Kane
Produced by Timothy McLaughlin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- If he could, fourteen-year-old Ryan would play football all day long.

"I like the competition and tackling," he says.

He also likes watching TV and cooking -- just some of the things he'd like to do with a permanent family some day.

"Play basketball with my older foster brother, cook with the parents, do yard work with the father and play video games with the (younger sibling) if there is one," he muses.

Family means a lot to Ryan, and he says it's very important for him to continue to see his biological brother after he's adopted.

Gloria Hochman, of the National Adoption Center, based in Philadelphia, says Ryan is very talented in a lot of ways.

"He likes to draw. He would probably draw the members of his new family and make you really proud of him.  He is a very articulate young man, once you break through his veneer of shyness," she advises.


For more information about adopting Ryan or any other "Wednesday's Child," go to the National Adoption Center's web site,, or call 215-735-9988.

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