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Wednesday's Child: Quatrel

By Larry Kane
Produced by Timothy McLaughlin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Quatrel is a young man of many pursuits, according to Gloria Hochman of the National Adoption Center, based in Philadelphia.

"Quatrel is almost like a Renaissance man, at 15," she says.  "He has many interests: loves music, loves sports, loves to cook."

Quatrel listed some of his cooking skills for us.  "I can bake cakes, cookies, and I can make a pie. I know how to cook a turkey, bake chicken, and fry chicken."

When he graduates from high school, he says, he wants to trade the chef's apron for a military uniform.

"(I want to go into the) Marines."  What appeals to him most about the military?  "The fact that I'm protecting my country and the people I love back home."

His social worker, Daniel Sianozecki, says it's important to find a permanent family for Quatrel that is open to maintaining contact with his siblings:

"Definitely a family that can maintain that contact, because that is very important for him -- as Quatrel mentioned, a family that could help him with his goals of going to the military."


For more information about adopting Quatrel or any other child, go to the National Adoption Center's  web site,, or call 215-735-9988.

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