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Wednesday's Child: Michael

By Larry Kane
Produced by Timothy McLaughlin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Twelve-year-old Michael loves super heroes.

"Superman, Flash, Batman -- there's a lot of them," he says.

He dreams of having super powers of his own:

"To fly. I want to see how it feels. And see if it feels nice to actually fly with the birds."


michael flash 2 _timmcl
(Michael does his impression of "The Flash." Photo by Timothy McLaughlin)


Protecting the helpless is obviously his first priority, but he has other plans for his second favorite super power: telekinesis.

"I would eat my breakfast without touching the spoon.  Just make it (hand rising)...  Yeah, and the bowl will be right in front of me and it would just scoop itself."

For Michael, finding a permanent family means just one thing.

"Love. You have to love your family a lot.  But you have to love God more than you love your family.  But, sometimes I love my family (more)."

And Gloria Hochman, of the National Adoption Center, based in Philadelphia, says Michael has a lot to offer a family.

"He would bring a lot of energy and a lot of fun into a family," she says.  "What's important is that he find a home with a family that can be patient and loving and caring."

For more information about adopting Michael or any other child, go to the National Adoption Center's  web site,, or call 215-735-9988.

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