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Wedding Guide: Lighting

As wedding season approaches, KYW Newsradio's Michelle Durham spoke to local experts to get advice for couples who just got engaged. She asked questions about catering, wedding trends, lighting, photography and flowers, and they had some words of wisdom to share.


Natalie Daniels, Event Sales Director & Lighting Design Specialist
8500 Henry Avenue, #110
Philadelphia, PA 19128
1-888-525-3535 or 215-825-5300

The lighting at your wedding is an important factor, but one that people sometimes don't consider.

"Lighting adds so much to your room," says Natalie Daniels, a lighting design specialist. "It can totally change the atmosphere...don't be intimidated to use lighting in your reception space!"

The cost of lighting is determined based on the size of the venue and the color options you choose. A reasonable lower level budget is around $800, while a mid-sized one is approximately $1500. On the higher end, lighting costs can range from $2000 to $3000.

Uplighting, which allows you to see a beam of color or a multitude of colors within seconds from floor to ceiling, is popular right now. Beams are placed around the room to produce colorful accents, or to highlight specific aspects of your reception room.

Color washing, which literally blankets an entire event space in one or multiple colors, is also big. If you have a neutral-colored event space and are hoping to bring some pizzazz to the space or to enhance your theme, color washing is a good choice.

Another frequently-requested option is a custom monogram, where the couple's initials are literally spotlighted on the center of the dance floor or on an open wall space.

"You can take a location like a factory or the Manayunk Brewery and bring in the treatments that are described above, and it will take your venue to the next level. You could also look at a banquet space at a hotel and use uplighting to highlight the beautiful decor accents that are already in the facility that just need that punch of color," Daniels suggests.

"For a romantic feel, we could go with soft pinks and lavender. If you are looking to jazz up the space and make it vibrant, we could use purples and exciting electric blue shades to add electricity to the room," Daniels continues.

And, if you have to choose one area to light in your room, pick the dance floor!

"If you decide to color wash the dance floor, it's a fantastic way to enjoy using light to bring extra excitement and attention to your dance floor. It would help your guests get up there and dance, too. You also give your photographer and videographer something to work with," Daniels says.

And how do you choose a color that is going to flow with your centerpieces and theme?

Daniels says that should be determined by the following factors by three factors: time of day, time of year and the look that you as a couple want to achieve.

To find a reputable lighting specialist, Daniels proffers a few things to think about:

*Make sure you get references
*Make sure there are plenty of pictures of the specialist's work available for you to see
*Choose someone who fully explains to you how you can accomplish what you are looking for in laymen's terms
*Pick someone you feel you can work with

By Michelle Durham, KYW Newsradio

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