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Vote Trump, Get Dumped: Website Encourages Females To Break Up With Men If They Vote Trump

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - A website and online movement has launched encouraging women to break up with or withhold sex from the men in their lives if they vote for Donald Trump.

Rachel Peters from Vote Trump, Get Dumped told Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT said their motivation is push Trump supporters to reconsider his suitability for the White House.


"At the heart of all of this, we were looking at this presidential race and it's March and we're already exhausted by how the rhetoric has gone. As a tongue and cheek play and a little nod to history, both to the end of the Peloponnesian War about 400BC in Athens and the women's temperance movement in the United States, we said why don't we bring a little bit of history back and use that as a hook to start to this conversion so that people really consider is Trump qualified?"

She insisted the movement wasn't started with any particular political agenda and only considered Trump's past public comments denigrating women.

"We didn't set up this site as a liberal site or as a conservative site, although many of us have voted both ways in past presidential elections. We just said should we really look at his suitability to lead the country and represent half of the American population, which are women, after he's said just horrific things about women very publicly and without apologizing."

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