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Wayne Restaurant Owners Receive Anti-Semitic Comments, Threats For Requiring Customers To Show Proof Of Vaccination

WAYNE, Pa. (CBS) -- A Delaware County restaurant is the latest business to require proof of vaccination for customers who want to dine indoors. But now, the owners say they fear for their safety.

The owners of Cornerstone restaurant say they're getting a flurry of threatening messages on social media, forcing them to step up security.

Cornerstone is not the only restaurant requiring customers to show proof of vaccination, but because of so much backlash and threats, they now have had to call police for extra protection.

"25% negative and the rest are all positive. It's the violent nature of those negative comments that just are very disturbing," Christine Kondra said.

Kondra opened Cornerstone six years ago with her husband, Nick.

As a former chef, one of the restaurant's highlights is the chef's table. It's been closed due to COVID.

In an effort to be proactive and mitigate the spread of the now Delta variant, Kondra is requiring all customers dining inside to show proof they were vaccinated.

"That's why we are here because we want to support his place. We think it's really important that people are vaccinated," customer Sonya Kallen said.

"I'm telling you it's going to happen at a lot of other restaurants," customer Mick Horowitz said.

On social media, the Kondras say they have received dozens of derogatory and offensive messages like
"thanks for outing yourselves as commies," or "they're going to need a placeholder for the unemployment line after your business fails due to lack of business."

"There were anti-Semitic remarks made. I just was blown away," Kondra said.

Across the street at the Great American Pub, owner Tim Hampsher says he's not ready to mandate his customers yet.

"Might be something in the future if they say you can remain open but it has to be for vaccinated people only," he said.

Meanwhile, Kondra is doing her part to get in front of the virus.

"Our team is our number one is to really look out for them and then the guests and our community at large. We can't reverse backwards as to what happened over the course of the last 17 months," she said.

Cornerstone is also offering outdoor dining to those who do not want to disclose if they've been vaccinated.

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