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WATCH: Sixers Fans Relentlessly Boo, Heckle Ben Simmons In Return To Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Well, you knew this was coming. Ben Simmons, former Sixer and current public enemy No. 1 in Philadelphia, returned to the Wells Fargo Center for the first time Thursday night.

And it went exactly how you would've expected.

Simmons was greeted with a "shoot the ball" chant during warmups.

"Someone tried to buy my tickets and I said nope, I need to be in the building for this," one fan said.

Boos erupted Thursday night the moment fans spotted Simmons on the court.

And it didn't stop. They heckled the former Sixer every chance they got. Even as he boarded the bus before the game.

"I am here to heckle Ben Simmons, sorry," a fan said.

It's the former No. 1 overall pick's first time back in Philly since his holdout and trade to Brooklyn in a package that landed the Sixers a point guard who is willing to shoot -- James Harden.

Simmons, nursing a back injury, did not play vs. the Sixers -- that'll have to wait -- but he was on the bench.

"I still love him. Whatever happened to him, whatever he is going through, he's a human being like I am," a fan said.

"I am not of negative energy. Positive vibes only," another fan said.

But whether Simmons played up or not, fans say they specifically bought tickets regardless.

"As soon as he was traded my dad bought the tickets that night," a fan said.

CBS3 caught up with Sixers fans earlier in the day to get their thoughts on Simmons.

"All the hate he's getting, he deserves," Sam Haddon said. "I mean, he's a bum. I mean, seriously, an NBA player who can't shoot free throws, are you kidding me? I got an 80-year-old cousin who can knock down a free throw and he can't. You kidding me? He doesn't deserve to touch a cheesesteak again the rest of his life."

"Ben Simmons can go to hell," Nolan Lawrence said. "If I had a jersey, which I would never buy a Ben Simmons jersey for when he was here, I would still burn it tomorrow. So good luck Ben Simmons, you're gonna need it."

CBS3's Kerri Corrado contributed to this report.

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